When people are struggling with confidence, they often also struggle to take action.

It’s something I see over and over again in my work on the Imposter Complex. (And while many people say “imposter syndrome,” this is why I use Imposter Complex instead.)

In fact, keeping you out of action

One could argue that struggling with Imposter Complex is a crisis of confidence. (And while many people call it “imposter syndrome,” this is why I use Imposter Complex instead.)

Therefore, the antidote, naturally, would seem to be Unshakable Confidence.

But what does that actually mean?

Unshakeable Confidence is the kind…

When people are struggling with the Imposter Complex, I believe what they’re really looking for is confidence — unshakeable confidence that can carry them through any situation.

Like my friend Staci Jordan Shelton says: “don’t pray for money. Pray for CONFIDENCE.”

The kind of confidence that you can count on…

We’ve established that the Imposter Complex is trying to keep you alone and isolated. (By the way, here is why I say Imposter Complex instead of Imposter Syndrome.)

But, ironically, that objective rarely works alone; more often, it interplays with the second objective: The Imposter Complex wants you to doubt…

Quick question: If you landed here by googling “how to stop procrastinating” were you… avoiding something else you were supposed to be doing?

Or were you googling because you were caught (or nearly caught) procrastinating on something important recently?

It’s OK if you were; I’m not going to lecture you…

Overcoming perfectionism can be a tricky nut to crack when perfection is so idolized by our Western culture.

We are constantly bombarded with images of what perfect looks like — even if it is mostly completely unattainable — and we internalize it from a young age.

(And a lot of…

Boundaries are a beautiful thing. But if you’re wondering how to set some boundaries, it’s a fair guess yours mayyyyy have become leaky. …

In my career, I have talked to a lot of people about comparison — how to stop comparing yourself to others, why it matters, and how we go about transforming it.

Compulsive comparison is a stumbling block for so many — especially those of us who struggle with the Imposter…

Tanya Geisler

Step into your Starring Role: Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker on #ImpostorComplex. Book’s coming…soooooon. bit.ly/ImpostorComplex101

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